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If anything sets alarm bells off in your head about moving to France, then the fact that has set up a support line should be setting them off loudly and clearly.

Having said that, while I am tempted to say that France is to blame here, I think this would be misleading. Putting on my seasoned traveller hat (I’ve lived in more than 20 cities in quite a few countries) I can say this is not just a symptom of France, it is true for anyone who moves abroad and leaves behind what they know and love, regardless of where they move.

Survive France says “Many people who make the move to France will at some point experience feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress and for some these feeling can become overwhelming. Often with little or no support network from family or friends it’s easy to find yourself in a situation that can seem insurmountable.

“Bereavements, financial difficulties, relationship problems, health issues and isolation can all be tipping points for those already feeling the strain of surviving in a foreign country.  There are many SFN members who have already given their time, whether it be by telephone or in person, to provide some form of assistance to those who need it. Sometimes a sympathetic ear is all that’s required to turn a situation around or just brighten someone’s day.

“At Survive France Network we have a dozen or so members who are available to lend an ear. They are not professionally trained and any advice offered is done so on a friendly basis only”.

I think if you find yourself in this situation there is no shame in getting help and I’m sure these people will be a godsend when it all becomes too much.

John Martin Bradley

May 2016

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