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I am English, but I have spent a lot of my life living in the sunnier parts of the world. My dad flew for a living and so as a kid we moved around a lot. And since then I have travelled a great deal too. I cannot speak with authority on anything in particular, but if there is one thing I can put my hand on my heart and say “this is something I know a thing or two about” it is the subject of moving to, and settling into, another country.

My wife Harriet and I thought seriously about moving to France and that is how this website started. It was part of our own research.

Then in July 2004 Harriet, who was then 38 years old, was diagnosed with cancer and passed away nine months later.

I packed up my life and rather than move to France, I took my kids and dogs to Cape Town. I decided to give myself two years to get back on my feet and do something I had always wanted to do. I was going to train as a professional photographer. Two years became six. We were adopted by a street dog husky who travelled with us back to England. Rather than France, I settled for Portugal. Not a bad decision, but I still hanker for France and when I do, I read the comments on this website and shelve the idea of a move to France for a bit longer.

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