Don’t Move to France



**** I have now lived in France for one year and my experience has been completely at odds with what I wrote over a decade ago. Clearly some people move to France and have a terrible time, as you can see in the COMMENTS sections of this site, but my experience has been very positive. I have found French people to be unfailingly kind, helpful, polite and selfless. 

So why is it that so many people have such a bad experience in France? I shall ponder this and put my thoughts down on “paper”  in the future. A quick insight into what I think is at the core of it is some people have the right mindset for a move to France, or anywhere that is not home, and some don’t. So when I have time I shall write about what I think this mindset is all about so you can judge if you have it or not”

And if you move to this most wonderful of countries, I wish you the best”. ****

I strongly suggest you read the comments sections to see what people really think about France once they have moved there.

An antidote to the “House in the Sun” hype. If you are thinking of moving to France, you will quite probably find this site very illuminating.

More than twelve years ago I posted this site and as you can imagine, in that time, I have received a lot of very interesting responses.  Some for, but many against.  It makes startling reading for those thinking of moving to France to live.

‘Lambs to the slaughter: “The harsh reality, soon
blows those dreams away…”’

If you know someone who is thinking about moving to France, they will thank you many times over for telling them about Don’t Move to France.

“You have a thought provoking site, which I wish I had read before we moved here”.

The site is written from the perspective of a Brit with British people in mind; however, having said that, most of the content could be useful and illuminating regardless of where you are from.  Over the years I have received input from people from Britain, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and even, heaven forbid!!!, a handful of French people (ranging from the indignant and outraged to those in total agreement – more of the latter I hasten to add).

“I have taught in French schools and have seen first hand what goes on! … one thing for sure … we will not put our children through secondary education in France …”


Having said all that, please have a look at my book Travels with an African Husky. If you are thinking of moving, it might just inspire you to get going:


“I have just finished your book and can honestly say it’s been one of the best I’ve ever read! I was captivated from the start and found it hard to put down … 
I found myself crying and smiling, sometimes laughing, you have a great talent in engaging the reader with your stories and painting pictures with your words.
Brigette B.
“I couldn’t stop reading once I started. Heartbreaking, heartwarming, sad and funny”. Viveca L.
“Once I started I couldn’t put it down … I loved the stories of your travels … and your sense of humor. I honestly enjoyed your book and in my opinion everyone else is going to as well. I must say I did not get much done at work as I kept sneaking a page or five …”. Amanda B.

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